Since it leads to truth, it must have a logic.

Robert Woodhouse, as remembered by Augustus De Morgan in "On Infinity" (1871)

Not-So-Brief Bio

I am currently a PhD student in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine program at Indiana University - Bloomington. My main interest is in the cognitive processes of discovery, invention, explanation, and any other analog of creative reasoning. This interest leads me into subjects as diverse as philosophy, history, mathematics, computer science, cognitive science, and linguistics.

I also love to tinker be it in the garage with a pile of wood or on the computer. But, that means that I often have several projects going at once. My PhD project is to help us understand historical concept change and formation by retelling the origins of modern logic. Aside from that, as you can see from the various projects and games on this site, I have smaller ambitions that tend to take my attention when I'm in a particularly procrastinating mood.